Human Design Card Decks

… for the HD types Generator • Projector • Manifesting Generator

      HD Generator
      affirmations cards

          HD Projektor
          affirmations cards

              HD Manifesting Generator
              affirmations cards

                  The Human Design Card Set for Manifesting Generators, Projectors & Generators in english consists of 33 cards with sayings and affirmations especially for the Human Design Type *Manifesting Generator*.

                  This card set is intended as a valuable support to connect you more and more with your energy type.

                  By drawing a card, whenever you want, you can discover your type and get into your power with these positive and inspiring Human Design messages.

                  The lovingly designed card set is an ideal supplement if you have already dealt with human design and maybe even had an individual reading.

                  • The cards are printed on 300g card
                  • Dimensions approx. 8 x 12 cm
                  • including box


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